Monday, January 30, 2012

Blessed inspite of my Short-Comings

This means you too!!!
Romans 3:23 says 'for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God......

I was told by a very Influential woman at my church on recently she said to me
''When you brought your message last week I allowed the devil to overtake my spirit and not hear anything you were saying because of the rumors I heard about you''

 and then she went on to say that she thought that I was very arrogant!!!!

Now I explained to her that everyone of my shortcomings or things contrary to what the word says... that I have made the decision to do has not only grew critisizm in my life but those very things those ''rumors'' I use them 
(if true) to warn people what not to do (wisdom) which give my life (ministry) purpose.....

Ive realized that God can/will turn everything around for your good inspite of what the ''church people'' think about you....

She also apoligized to me and said '' because if my skeletons were let out the closet people would think the same about me''

So what Iam saying in this  Blog is that we need to take a Inner look at what we have done or still doing not judge people by ''what you Heard'' but get to know who they are and why does there name continue to surface... gather your life and look in retrospect of what God has brought you from and you will see that 

''ALL have sinned and fell short of the glory of God''
''No exception to this rule''

And when I addressed the Arrogant part of her apology I said that there is a thine line between 

Arrogance & <---Confidence.......,

I told her simply because I know what dirt I have done against God, My wife, My church etc.... this keeps me HUMBLE because I cant throw any stones because I have sinned as well, and I said that Just because I know who Iam and want allow the stones that are thrown at me to penetrate my Armor doesnt mean its arrogance just means I must keep my head up knowing that people look at me as if they never made a mistake.....!

 God hasnt given me a spirit of Fear but one of Power, Love & a sound mind so In conclusion I say this 

Noah was a drunk

Jacob was a deceiver

Rahab was a prostitute

David was a adulterer

Solomon was a womanizer

Paul was a killer 

Which proves:
 Romans 3:23 that '' ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

BUT God still used those people although they sinned and fell short and blessed them and they became men/woman that we pattern ourselves after Now...

So I encourage you not to stop because of your past use it to catapult you to the next level of your purpose.... because afterall

'' All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God''


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