Monday, March 26, 2012

Reading between the lines (Understanding & Growth)

I have had coversation(s) on twitter also Facebook about certain spiritual situations and subjects and I have come to realize that somethings I say come across as ''sharp'' or even ''rasp'' and at times people take my words out of context and gather a ''Judgmental tone'' of the message. This is frustrating to me because the point still hasnt been made... BUT I realized its not me its some peoples level of understanding.... Not saying that I am smarter or more knowledgable or better than anyone this is so not the case but we all have different levels...

LanierJ's analogy
''If you talk to a pregnant womans baby in her belly the baby want be able to hear you because it hasnt been born Yet'' 
and even when it a few days old and you say the samething to it they still dont understand you BUT they hear the words!!!  How/why??? because they are born and ready to recieve....

The point of the analogy is this like Jesus told Nicodemus '' (John 3:12) If you dont believe what I say about earthly things how can you possibly believe me about spirtual things''

The Issue is we have a
1. Fetus' & (unborn to the spirit)
2. Baby Christians (underdeveloped)

When we are one of the two above we ask question like Nicodemus did (John 3:4) ''How can a old man go back in his mothers womb and be born again''?
This is not to slight any believer of any Level but Jesus replied in (John 3:5) and says: '' I assure you no one can enter the ''KINGDOM OF GOD'' without being born of water and the SPIRIT.....(not able to comprehend)
1 PETER 2:2 SAYS '' Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into the full expierence of salvation, cry out for the Nourishment''..

Which tell me that we have stages of christian knowledge/growth just as a baby grows into a grown man/woman there is a learning/growing process, but we have to want and be receptive to the wisdom of others regardless of their natural age(How many year physically) but look at their spiritual age(was born again)... 

So I am Learning even in my learning process to obtain the highest wisdom you have to ''spoon feed'' baby christians until they are old enough to feed or (understand) for themselves....
So just as Nicodemus was a respected Jewish leader and taught the law (pre-Christ) He didnt fully understand the process of What Christ was and how he changed their tradition from Law to Grace Nicodmus had to be taught the new way just as other who has been sent by God to teach a ''The way'' we have to see spiritually what's being said and feed off of the word God has inspired through men

Respect the position that God has given the man ..... and grow by ''CRAVING THE SPIRITUAL MILK''


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  1. Someone once said you have to hear the truth at least 13 times to counter a lie that was believed. I'm not sure if this is true but it make since why many have been saved for so long and still don't understand (including myself at one point). I't important to be in a bible teaching church that doesn't play on emotions. It's even more important that we don't only pick up our word only in church but that we read it daily for ourselves.... We will find God when we search for Him with our whole hearts, not when someone else does it for us.