Wednesday, May 16, 2012

lanierJ's Humble gratitude toward Christ

My saviour, my refuge, protector, my reason for being here, Lord! I desire to be just like you!
You sacrified your life,  to merge me back to GOD why? because you love me. 

There is no greater example of Agape Love than this. You endured agony for something you didnt do, paid for my sins before I was even thought of ! Why? Because you love me, 
 You are willing to share your kingdom with me not because I deserve a portion why? because you Love me. Wow how can I ever repay you for your service???????

 I know How by desiring to be Just as you where, humble, loving, patient, kind, gentle, enduring Longsuffering, because of that Iam  acknowledging my undeserving peace, showing that the Joy of the Lord is my strength. The least I could do is present this body as a ''living sacrifice'' considering how much you show me you love me, and in closing I want to show my appriciation to you by my lifestyle of Worship unto you the ressurected King....thanks....


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