Monday, January 7, 2013

Daniel Fast (gibberish)

Hey! People my pastor Dr Alvin Jackson Sr has our entire church of wings of love ministries on the Daniel fast for 21 days phew!!!!!

If you have no idea what this is let me give you a brief synopsis!!!!

This fast you basically can't eat "ANYTHING" it a vegan fast nothing but water, fruit, all natural everything no meat, nothing with flour, sugar,and oh yea no physical fleshly indulgence either, and its a little more challenging than I'm making it sound now lol....

But I'll tell you what I'm up for the sacrifice.... We are praying at 9am, 12n, 3p, &6p this fast really shows who serious about God and your purpose ...

I say this because we can pray, and go to church, and expect GOD to do something's in our lives, Which is what we are suppose to do BUT... When you have to literally stay away from the things you want, desire, crave, (food or physically) .. This shows God that you aren't just talk but action comes along with it ....

So I'm blogging every couple of days to encourage those who are on this fast stay strong stay in your word, and stay in God's presence

Remember this....

When prayer alone doesn’t work, prayer and fasting will bring the breakthrough.


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