Saturday, August 25, 2012

Image is Everything

OK! If you know me and my father then you know that although there is a 21 years differential in age I am a near carbon copy of that man.

On almost all the facebook, twitter, instagram pictures I post there are multiple comment that say ''boy you look just like your DAD, When Im around people that know him they say '' are you Stan's Son because you are a exact image of him, Just recently I was at my fathers bank and the teller ask me ''hey do you have a twin brother that banks here?''. I have all of my fathers physical traits and they are seen in other people that know him..

Now this got my preacher minds eye to working and I'm reminded during the creation process God spoke and said in Gen 1:26 ''Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness'' 

Which rose two questions?????

1. Are you your father's {God} twin
2.  And do you carry his spiritual likeness

Now John reminds us that God is Spirit, Which tells me that the ''image'' or likeness has to be a spiritual inside out representation.... How?  in its original Hebrew content ''image'' means representative figure!!!.... So what we should look like is the example or representation of God the son Jesus on earth. bearing the fruit of the spirit, {Gal 5:22-23} So when people look at your conduct, they should be able just as my I when it come to my physical father say '' YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER'' because all the ''SPIRITUAL'' trait are active in the way you walk in life...

So remember When living on earth as a physical being you are really created just as God which is a spiritually being so everything you should be doing should be from the spirit that God has breathed

 in you and when you realized who you are in life your resemblance will be as you father's and people will tell you 

''You look just like GOD''



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