Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you ready??? Or still undone??

When you bake bread there is a specific time it has to stay in the oven, 

 the dough has to stay under the heat for a period of time and if its taken out the oven prematurely it want be ready! NOW on the surface it look like its done because the color is right the outside have a little toughness to it BUT on the INSIDE still has work to do! 

The reason why a great percentage of young preachers never reach there full potential is because they come out the oven to soon..!

From the exterior they look ready, {preach good, memorize a few scriptures} 

But the interior  {what the heart desires} Is not ready....and before you can Shepard any of God people you have to go through the heat just a little while longer so that you can be sure to be ready for pastoring people.... 
but the interior 

I say this to us all the heat is on the perfect degree for our lives lets stay in it and wait the time it takes for us to be throughly cooked through because its necessary for Kingdom teaching, and growth spiritually


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