Friday, December 30, 2011

How to Keep your New years resolution.......

A resolution is A firm decision to do or not to do something. Every year around this time People make New years resolutions to stop.....

1. Drinking
2. Smoking
3. Get out of Debt
4. Lose some weight
5. Organize there life....

Now there is nothing wrong with any of these they are self-improvement resolutions the problem is we have been making these same resolutions for YEARS..

The definition of INSANITY is.. (See Below)

This is what we do year after year expect change in our life, or situation(s) but continue to do it the same way. 

When there is a flaw in a creation inorder to fix the problem you have to rebuild the product. Right???

SO How do I rebuild? What Iam I doing wrong? ok????????????

1st. You develop a foundation to stand on   

2nd. Because all of you wasnt flawed you remove the flawed pieces but use the salvageable part again

3rd. Develop self-control over  what's stoping you from your ''resloution''

Basically get down to the core of it...... 

In all your Goals  you want to acheive BUT seem to struggling with
Remember it takes 

DISCIPLINE-The practice of training  to obey rules or a code of behavior

See you!!! Search you!!!! Change you!!!!

Question: Now what's your New Years Resolution???????


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