Friday, December 2, 2011

I Surrender All

As I am in my Morning Worship session The song that I am listening to is William Mcdowell I surrender all... and it posed a question to me do you really know what surrendering all means?

Surrender- means to Cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority

Now when we surrender to the enemy we admit defeat we concede because we've understood that we never could have won so we give into the demands of enemy..

But the surrendering I am blogging about is to God's will

Now Dont mistake being saved with total surrendering they both are choices, being saved is a life-style and total surrendering to God's WILL is a committment that can never be broken.

 You have to want to be subjected to all the persecution that christ endured 

 sacrifice your whole existance for God's purpose....

This mean that everything God's requests from us we have to say ''YES'' even when you have no idea what your  saying yes to this is what surrendering is... you are saying to God I trust your will for my life wherever you take me I want to Go if its difficult times, heartache, if I have to toil, & labor WHATEVER it is I am going to surrender because I trust you for my life 

So understand God work through you out of obedience he has given you free will to choose,,, so God as of today 



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