Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What World? ''THIS'' world

Roman 12:2 says:
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (a) 

The word this indicates a thing that was mentioned or pointed out it sets a difference between one to another, So when you read ''do not be comformed'' it assumes an outward expression that doesnt reflect whats inside.

 ''THIS'' world

refers to a system of belief's or values!! ''Comtemparary Thinking'' 
 To name a few would be sexual immorality, love of money, evil doing, anything that contradicts God dont.. reflect them..

But what's on the flip side of ''THIS'' ????

It is the indications of another realm, world or even another dimension of some kind (heaven) And this Statement God also gives us a choice rather to comform or not!!!!!! What's your choice??????

So How do I be apart of a world other than "THIS" one??????

Good question!! By being ''Transformed'' greek word is ''metamorphosis'' means to Change in outward appearance (or sinful nature) 

How is that possible there is so much wrong to get into???

By the renewing of your mind which can only come from the Holy Spirit changing you BY meditating on every word God says through scripture...

So you have a choice rather to live for ''THIS'' world or be renewed to God's world Choose quik  before there is ........



    1. this was short and sweet and straight to the point and applicable.

    2. Awesome blog bro! On point like always!