Friday, December 23, 2011

Natural order of Men & Woman (take your position)

I read the bible a lot not for sermons but for everyday nourishment to be feed spiritually. One day I can across a passage in Judges 4 and in this paticular cyle of Judges God called a woman to Judge Israel her name was Deborah. Now what astounded me was the fact of since Genesis God had a man to lead/Judge Israel there were several men but to name a few Adam, Abram, Moses, , (ring a bell) and now even with no clear cut leader after the conquest of Joshua to the time of the Judges there were men before her such as Othniel & Ehud and my question was 

Why a woman?????? (no dis-respect) 

The Holy Spirit answered me and said history repeats itself what you see now was going on back then, so..... I began to think  that the reason was and it clearly states in the Bible that the Isrealite men were sleeping around with gentile woman serving Idol God's (objects) occuping there time with the ways of the world so God used an unlikely source (Deborah) to do his work.........

Now if you read this passage you will find a man (barak)who was the general of the army who's job is to protect and serve and be ready to ''do or die'' at anytime, and he was so Deborah issues a decree to barak to deploy all the troop to Mt Tabor and God WILL deliver the commander Sisera (who has had them enslaved for 20 hard years of oppression) into your hands... or the Victory will be Yours as a  MAN, But Barak says to Deborah......

''If you will go with me then I will go'' 

Now the general (Barak a man) is scared and ask the Woman (Deborah) to fight with him...........HUH 

Then she Deborah says  '' I will surely go with you; nevertheless, the trip you take will not be for your glory, for the Lord will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman. 

See Deborah knew how important it was for the ''MAN'' to receive the Glory but the "MAN'' was/is scared to take his ordanied position as the ''LEADER''

So men the natural order of things are for men to lead but when we are to busy to do GOD'S work the woman has to take over and it upset's the natural order of things so MEN take your position not as dictators but as leaders and let's let the woman rest and marvel over what GOD is doing through us.....

Men let's Be Men and lead


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