Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lanierj's Prayer in Despair

LanierJ's Prayer in Despair

There will be no lack in my house

As the man of this house, I issue a decree over my territory; because I was given the Authority. The decree is "There will be no lack in my house’’. Lord I delight in the challenge of suffering, because it moves me to the next level of my life.
 If something that my physical man feels it can't do without isn’t challenged, than I will never know how to trust you with my whole heart.

 And at this time everything that I depended on has been taken away from me, not to punish but to offer me the opportunity again to lean on the only source I need; and that is You. We have been through to much together for me to ever think that you would leave me in this position without the comfort of the Holy Spirit, so I issue my decree again

''There will be no lack in my house!’

 No weapon formed against me shall prosper. In spite of the current setback I am in, Your presence and Power will never allow me to fail. Just when it seem that all is lost, I look towards You and realize where my strength comes from.

In my appointed time shall I wait until my change comes. I know that your speaking to me through my pain, in a way that if all was normal I couldn’t hear you. Well God, instead of complaining I am going to consecrate myself & leave myself open to the input you want to give me. That I can pour out what I have received. No longer will I ever question you but I will submit to your will for my life and as long as I have You in my life…

‘’There will be no lack in my house’’


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