Thursday, November 3, 2011

Destined for Greatness

Do you know how I know Iam Destine for greatness? Because the enemy's attacks on me get intense evey time I get to point of sanity the new ''trick'' comes Iam a beleiver that God has to allow somethings to enter into MY atmophere to test MY faith and just like school if your not ready for the test you will fail and repeat the grade but the ones that are prepared have studied they will be the ones to ADVANCE. Iam reminded about how God told Abram to go from his country to a place his has never seen and he would make him the father of many nation, great, and give his descendant this ''promised land'' but there was one problem he had no children and was a very old man @ the tender age of 100 he allowed his barrren wife to give birth @90 to the promised son named his isaac only to ask him to sacrafice him (kill) huh?????? yea but his obed God and God saw that his committment was to him not the promise and he spared his life by his faith. So dont worry about the next level of trial's be ready its an assigment from God


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