Friday, November 4, 2011

Mid-day Affirmation

In our lives it is so hard to stay away from the things we like to do, Its hard to stop eating junk food, buying new suits, shoes, when we have a closet full of them, going places we go, and being around some of the people were used to being around,..... but there is a reason why we are attracted to these things or people and thats because it/they please us in the flesh makes us feel Good but in ever thing there is a cause and effect the cause is it makes us (flesh) feel good but it tears down our spirit ok.....

1. Eating junk food- over a certain period of time will allow our bodies to deteriorate, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.... and we die sooner than later by not taking care of ourselves

2. Frivolous spending-depletes our funds and enables us to save or invest in our future or children's future

3. Going places we shouldn't- activates the flesh and sometimes makes us compromise our decisions making and we fall victim to numerous things

4. Influential Friends (peer pressure)- almost forces us to compromise who we truly are to ''fit in''

the bible says in psalms 1:1
Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.

you are blessed when you do right walk right, and with the righteous because this people/things can alter your purpose in life
God told abram to leave his country in Gen. 12:1 that country was haran why? because these ppl worship idol Gods and he (GOD) understood that even though I-am calling u to be something great you must 1st leave your surrounding why? because there are just some people you can't change and eventually you would succumb To that lifestyle...OHHHHHH Being comfortable in flesh

So don't be afraid to walk with God and lose SOME friends


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  1. Great Post Mr. Jones, detachment from what and who we love most is not an easy task. However it is made easy in dicphering who and what has to go by weighing who and what is an asset or liability. There comes a time when we have ask are you keeping me stagnant, condoning my garbarge, not challenging me to move, or are you pushing me into my purpose and my destiny. Those who are comfortable with us staying the same never challenging us really to move forward are the ones who have to go. Iron sharpens Iron