Saturday, November 26, 2011

What God expects from you

Often Time we are caught up in this belief that all we have to do is go to church sing a song put a few dollars in the plate and that would be pleasing to GOD,

 Then we start believing that whenever we do something wrong if i just go to the Church I will be absolved,,

Yes God wants us to honor places of worship that are built unto him, he want us to fellowship with other Christians, worship with each other,

come together for the edification of his kingdom YES he wants that..  But he is much more interested inYOU personally then the Building.

 He wants to change you and refresh the relationship you should have with him. He wants you to be Intimate with him, to desire his presence to meditate on his words and carry out his tasks.....If you read your bible Thats why in the O.T he let the Tabernacle be destroyed by the Phillistines, he let Solomons Temple get destroyed by the Babylonians, And also the second temple  after the post-exile be destroyed by the Romans He wants you to realize its not about fancy Words, nice ''preacher voices''  its about your body he wants as a living sacrafice for him

 He is about builing a relationship with you, The lesson in the Old Testament in my view is ....

When your right with God you will get the blessing and the covenent

But when you sin against god the curses will come.

 If you know the stories you see that God was with them but they continued to do what they felt and then run back to God when it fails


 ''When will they/you learn''


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