Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Man was called to Be (Take your Position)

What A man is

Men are called to: Lead

Since men have been structured to lead, they are empowered to be in control of every situation with the Word of God being there measuring tool. People lead in so many ways, however the way God has design man to lead is unique and attainable. If men are not God Chasers then there will always be a page missing in men’s life that will render incompleteness until he summons God for direction.

Men are the principle: Provider

It is vitally important that every man provide for himself and for his family. Men are the number one bread winners of the home. He is in harms way of jeopardizing the family security, wealth, and health by not being responsible in this arena. Providing for his families present and future is one of the sure signs of a man taking his rightful place in the home. Providing is his very essence for existence as a man.

Whatever it takes for the family to survive, the man will find a way. Because God has designed the man to provide, he will lead the man to places he need to go to find provision for his family. Man must be responsible enough to move when provision is identified. He must act in a way that that will always portray his ultimate responsibility, that being the provider.

When men are not providers for the home, the home become unsecured, insecure, and incomplete. The Home is in jeopardy of being torn by unnecessary pressure, and unreasonable oppression. This is due to the fact, that the head is not in position but is out of position.

Men are called to be: Mentors

Men are called to be mentors to other men, and young boys, by nurturing them to maturity. The Youth of today is without question living in a shortage of good fatherly mentoring. The many mistakes we made as a child should not be implemented over again in our children’s lives. The best teachers are not the experience, but the instruction we put before them. When there are no mentors, then every child is being subjected to destruction without instruction. Give them the chance of a lifetime by spending time with them, in the Word of God, at there school teaching them a trade, bringing the best out of them, empower them to excel far above there greatest dreams. Men who mentor there children are setting them up for success.

Men are designed to be a: Visionary

When every man seeks the face of God, he is sure to receive vision (insight) for the present and future. Since God has ordained families and desire those families to be furnished and complete. For this to happen, men must be concern about direction, whether new or revamp, they must hear from God for the families’ next assignment. Remember what every man should be looking after seeking him, is for God’s hand in the matter.

Men are called to be the Covering:
Men are to be the covering for the family, He is responsible for protecting and shielding them from hurt, harm and danger, He must assume all responsibilities as the amour bearer. He is that spiritual support to the family when circumstances appear without immediate answers. The man becomes a covering of support, comfort and inspiration. This can only occur when the man is submissive to the will of God. The woman should without reservation look for protection through his godly instruction.

As a Man, how can you improve your leadership traits, especially when guiding a family.

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