Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lanierj's night caps (random)

As I just put my kids to bed covered them in prayer ''tucked'' them in I begin to think about my choices i have made in life. Now I understand the choices we make will affect us in either a negative or positive way  and I know a good percentage of my choices have went toward the negative aspect but there is a song I sing peroidically that say all of my good days out weight my bad days so I want complain why? because God has been so good to me I may not have millions of dollars the range rovers, the 6bed room home in bloomfield but I have God to lead me as long as I ASK GOD to guide my choices stay under his unbrella (will) i understand everything will be just the way its suppose to be I have everything because i have God material things dont make me Iam royalty under Gods kingdom and I just wanted to bless someone who may be going through right now ''choices you make will fail without god's provisions''


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