Monday, November 14, 2011

Church ( The Next Generation)

Ok... Guys this is something that really burns me up it is ''TRADITION''

Which means something that has been handed down.
And a lot of It isnt biblical but expected.........

Now Iam currently the worship Leader/ & Minister and the church I belong to and there are certain ''traditions'' the new Generation can do without. I hear some of the more seasoned Christians saying things about older song like '' these were the songs that got US over'' and I totally understand that, Those songs meant something to you they ministered to the core of what storm you had in your life, BUT the next Generation knows nothing about those songs.....

We try to incorporate a more contemporary sound (praise/worship) and we are going up against (devotions) apples and oranges, oil and vinegar they dont mix.

Now Its time for the next Generation to gather those songs that get us over our storms in life so accept our music into your world after all we are you children so allow us to have those moment to reflect as you do........

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